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Passagem Gastronômica - Sobre Nós

Hello! My name is Patricia and I am the person behind the posts you read here on the blog. Alexandre - who by the way is my husband - helps me on some posts, but he is largely responsible for the beautiful photos you see here in Gourmet Season.

The blog was created in 2013 of our shared passion for good food - because life is too short to eat bad food - and our love to discover new destinations around the world. In this space we like to share guides to the destinations we visit and the best restaurants we found in our trips.

In addition to travel and restaurants, we love to cook at home for us and for our friends. In 2014 I graduated from gastronomy by Le Cordon Bleu and interned in starred restaurants such as Chiltern Firehouse, The Ledbury and Dinner by Heston Blumenthal. So I decided to create a space here on the blog to share recipes and techniques that I learn in my everyday life in the kitchen.

After a short season living in Hong Kong, we are back in London, where we have lived for the past 3 years and where we are constantly looking for new recipes, restaurants and cultural and gourmet activities.

*All blog content - text and pictures - are produced by us (in the rare cases in which we have not created the content, the authors are properly sourced). If you want to use the material posted on Gourmet Season, we do ask that you properly source our website.