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Friday Links

23 September 2016 Tips & Tricks

Passagem Gastronômica - Friday Links

Recently I've been spending a lot of time at home because of a sprained foot that requires plenty of rest. To make up for these last summer days that I had to spend indoors, I decided to catch up on the reading of various food blogs I love, which are filled with interesting things related to the food world.

1. This video of the world's cheapest Michelin-starred restaurant is really cute. The food served in this kiosk in a Singapore market is cheaper than a Big Mac. Worth watching.

2. The documentary Chef's Table produced by Netflix now has a new edition dedicated to French chefs. Various incredible dishes to watch.

3. Have you ever heard of the “Cruffin”?! This Is a mixture between a croissant and a muffin and it has a very crunchy texture is very tasty due to the large amount of butter it takes. The blog Lady & Pups have a recipe for cruffin that is very didactic and has beautiful photos .

4. I love the Ultimate Guide to Chocolate Chip Cookies from the blog Handle the Heat. It shows how each ingredient leads to a different result, such as, if you use melted butter, it makes the edges of the cookie more crispy.

5. This Pineapple cake from Adorn Cakes is too beautiful! I want to try to make this at home.

6. This report from the New York Times shows that to make the best bagels at home you must use Lye, a corrosive substance that if used in small amounts makes the bagel have that golden and crunchy aspect.

7. The House in which Julia Child lived in France is now available to rent on Airbnb for $590 per day.

8. For those who believe in the rule of 5 seconds when the food falls to the ground, a study finally came to prove that the rule is not true.

From Lady & PupsFrom Handle the Heat From Adorn Cakes From Jason Henry for The New York Times From photographer Cedric Angeles for AirBnB

(Author Photos in display order: Lady blog & Pups / blog Handle the Heat / Adorn Cakes / Jason Henry for The New York Times / Cedric Angeles for AirBnB)

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