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Friday Links

09 January 2015 Tips & Tricks

Passagem Gastron么mica - Friday Links

One of the things I did during the end of the holiday of the year was reading several articles and materials that had separated over the last months to read when deserved vacation arrived. Some of them were really nice and I found it interesting to share with you as reading for the weekend! Do you like the format?


1. I do not know if you get to see this video program Eaten Alive do Discovery Channel but is one of the donkey of ideas I have seen in 2014.

2. This report from the The New York Times on the preparation of the Chinese to the local college entrance makes the Brazil seem the most peaceful thing you've ever fez.3. Comic cutest that reminded me of my desires to 2015! Hahaha.

4. This Pepsi commercial shows a large-scale chain reaction! Very interesting!

To ogle:

1. I discovered the blog Hello Gourmet this week and I am delighted with the photos! The dishes look delicious!

2. Cutest cake made by Molly! I like cakes with more filling and less layers, but loved the idea of 鈥嬧媝utting marzipan with jam and the soft decoration.

3. I'm at a stage I've been worshiping Asian food. When I saw this recipe from one type of Korean stew I really wanted to do!

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