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Cronin, Dominique Ansel

27 August 2014 Tips & Tricks Passagem Gastron么mica - Cronut - Dominique Ansel

A few months ago my friend Paty, the blog Chef Paty, told me wonders about the bakery Dominique Ansel in New York. Apparently every morning has a huge queue at the door starting at dawn to buy the famous Cronuts.

Cronin is a mixture of croissant with donut which was invented by Dominique 2013 and since then is absolute success. The very thin layers of dough are super crispy when fried and still have different toppings that vary each month. As the bakery is in New York I had not yet had the opportunity to experience, but last week Dominique came to London and raffled 5 people to gain Cronut.

I was ecstatic when I got the call that was one of the winners and the next day I received two Cronuts home. The Cronuts are really divine and all I heard about them is true. They are crispy, and sweets and the filling – in my case vanilla and peach – was super tasty.

Unfortunately Dominique does not have a unit in London, but I heard that there are some places around here that also sell a local version of cronut – I will search and then do post on the blog. But for those who are leaving soon to New York be sure to visit the Dominique Ansel Bakery and experience this delight!

Passagem Gastron么mica - Cronut - Dominique Ansel Passagem Gastron么mica - Cronut - Dominique Ansel

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