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How to Prepare Spinach

14 August 2014 Recipes, Tips & Tricks Passagem Gastronômica - Como Preparar Espinafre

One ingredient that I have used a lot lately in my kitchen is spinach. Spinach is a very versatile ingredient, tasty and nutritious, but if not prepared correctly it ends up getting totally bland. So, I decided to make a post with some tips I learned at Cordon Bleu on how to prepare spinach correctly.

1. Wash

It is very common spinach come with land waste and other debris. A good tip is to leave for a 5 minutes in a bowl with cold water and then remove and place in a colander. Do not pass the bowl of water in colander with spinach or all waste return to the leaves. Enjoy also to discard the leaves are too yellow or too wilted.

2. Take the cable

The first thing I learned in school when we talk about spinach was taking the cable. It has a more fibrous texture and not very nice and so it should be removed. This task just taking some time because as spinach yields not much you have to prepare a lot of leaves. So, who is out of time and want to skip this step do not worry it will not change the taste itself, only the texture. To disconnect the cable join the two halves of the sheet in front and pull the cable down to the end. For those who want to save time always worth buying larger spinach leaves, because then you have fewer leaves to take the cable.

Passagem Gastronômica - Como Preparar Espinafre Passagem Gastronômica - Como Preparar Espinafre Passagem Gastronômica - Como Preparar Espinafre Passagem Gastronômica - Como Preparar Espinafre

3. Freeze

One thing I usually do at home is to leave the semi-prepared spinach for use on a day that I'm less time. To freeze the spinach first follow the steps 1 and 2 aforementioned. Then fill a pot with water and salt and bring to the fire, and take time to prepare a bowl of water and ice.

Once the water starts boiling put all the spinach leaves. When they start to get a more intense and dark green, what will happen in seconds, drain and place in bowl with water and ice to stop the cooking. So it cool drain, squeeze to get the most water, make a ball, pass plastic wrap and place in the freezer. When using right out of the freezer a few hours before or leave in the fridge overnight.

4. To Cook

There are different techniques for cooking the spinach, one of which I explained above boil and drain spinach. Another way is to cook in a skillet with olive oil or butter (sometimes like to put chopped garlic also) until it is a deeper green hue.

If you use the pan does not fill with very spinach, otherwise up much water and cooking unevenly. The ideal is to take on more than one if you have large amounts. While add table salt, pepper and a little nutmeg which blends well with spinach. At the end of cooking usually move to a colander pressing a bit to discard excess liquid.

Worth to mention that if you are using very small spinach leaves may not be necessary to cook them if you put them in a sauce or something that is hot, since the cooking is very fast with small leaves.

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September 4, 2016

I loved the hint! I love spinach, but just as out of place for not knowing prepare. RS
Now I think I can, Thank you very much! Beautiful blog!!!

Patricia Cochoni

September 5, 2016

Thanks Samara! TB I love spinach and I think it goes well with all. If you have any questions let me know. Kisses