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Table Fondue House, by Carol Santos

24 July 2014 Tips & Tricks Mesa de Fondue em Casa, por Carol Santos

Today there is one more special guest Carol Santos's blog Your Home Your Party giving tips to receive friends at home for a day of fondue. The tips are really cool, and ensure a cozy atmosphere for the occasion. By the way, for those who missed the other post of Carol with tips to get home just access here.

Table Fondue House, by Carol Santos

Simply lowering the temperatures for groups of friends throughout Brazil already start planning a fondue night. Easy to find and even easier to prepare, their success over 10 years has almost become tradition in our winter and increasingly friends and family gather around the table for a meeting watered by melted cheese and plenty of wine.

For your dinner is not just one of many and make a date to remember for many years, you need to invest in a festive mood and warm, and for this nothing better than a well decorated table.

In this table I built especially for you, chose the shades of blue (based on the fondue pot) and red, for contrast. This classic combination of nautical references loses theme and win luxurious air with the use of thin pieces and sophisticated.

Mesa de Fondue em Casa, por Carol Santos Mesa de Fondue em Casa, por Carol Santos Mesa de Fondue em Casa, por Carol Santos

Put 2 invited by wine glasses to open the possibility of a harmonization, If serve a fondue cheeses and other meat, for instance.

To the cheesy, serve a white wine as Chardonnay or Riesling or a light red like Merlot. The meat goes very well with red grape Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon e Pinot Black. To complete this harmonization, a beautiful port wine is the perfect match for the delicious chocolate fondue (chocolate fondue recipe here).

The bowls in the center of each plate accommodating the cubes of Italian bread, so the guests already guarantee their individual portion. But if they want to make use of more, put extra cubes in blue pots to the center of the table.

Remember that the arms will cross the table several times while each person dips his small dice in the pan, so very careful with tall candles and arrangements of flowers bulky. Herbs, vegetables and flowers rustic blend well with that kind of party.

Mesa de Fondue em Casa, por Carol Santos Mesa de Fondue em Casa, por Carol Santos

Lastly, be sure to put the fondue typical sticks in place (or from) cutlery and sauces for meat (Roquefort, pepper, mustard, barbecue). The pieces of bread, meat and fruit should be cut in sizes that fit in the mouth, but not too small not to crumble.

That, enjoy the cold and delicious nights this winter and call friends to enjoy a lovely dinner with fondue and wine! For more table decorating ideas and how to get home tips visit my blog, www.suacasasuafesta.com.br

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