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Video: The Age of the Super Consumption

04 July 2014 Tips & Tricks

Samsara, Ron Fricke

A few months ago I saw a video excerpt Samsara, directed by Ron Fricke, which among other things deals with the high level of consumption issue in today's society. The rapid growth in demand causes the mass production and not very human of the products we consume.

It is sad to see the neglect of the conditions in which the animals live. The ease with which buy products at the supermarket – clean meat packaged vacuum, milk in the box – away in the reality with which they are produced.

The point is not to stop consuming animal products, but think about how the choices we make every day affect the lives of many animals around the world. This is to make a conscious choice and remember what is behind that yoghurt pot, box with chicken breast, among other products we consume thousands.

Stop and think about it, because think about it leads us to choose more sustainable products and fulfilling the conditions of life of animals. Try your best to inquire about the origin of the products and give priority to organic or those who provide life more “natural” to animals. To learn more about the requirements for a producer to be certified as an organic producer visit the site Ministry of Agriculture or Organic Portal which is also a good source of information.

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July 8, 2014

Nice Patty! It's amazing how we distance ourselves from the food chain. Worth reflection! Here in London we are fortunate to be able to make right choices without losing the convenience. And even if we spend a little more, it is worth the trip!