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Menu suggestions pro Valentine's Day

10 June 2014 Recipes, Tips & Tricks
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This week we have Valentine's Day and opening of the canopy, and I imagine that some people will receive friends at home or make a special dinner pro boyfriend or husband. As I am in exam week at Le Cordon Bleu was unable to prepare a special recipe for the occasion, but still wanted to spend some ideas of dishes that you can do to receive guests at home. I hope you like the pro day menu suggestions Valentine and to crown!

For those who are getting friends to watch the opening of the canopy the idea is to make dishes that you can easily increase the amount without increasing the work. You can bet on a very Brazilian dish that can be served in mini cumbuquinhas like mincemeat with rice Virginia taught here, or even serve some snacks that can be purchased ready as cheese bread, coxinha (bet on that are frozen and pre-fried because there is only bake before serving), mini dog- hot with tomato sauce, pies and quiches.

If you want to do a very neat dinner for her boyfriend or husband choose dishes that can be prepared in advance or do not give a lot of work to do at the time, because you want to enjoy with your special person and not spend hours at the stove. Some suggestions:

1. Entrance – You can put together a selection of cheeses and parma ham or make a pretty hot salad. I love to serve buffalo mozzarella with cherry tomatoes and arugula cherries, because in addition to appetizing does not work any.

2. Risotto – I am big fan of risotto and despite it taking a bit of time to be prepared is possible in steps. Before arriving namorido, saute onion and rice, add the wine and start to put the broth. After a 4 broth shells, turn off the heat and enjoy also to prepare the risotto other components. When he gets just call the fire, add more broth to give the point and add the other components. By the way, for those who need inspiration to make risotto which posted some recipes in this link.

3. Pulp – If you are in good running time, or even not want to go to the kitchen on Valentine's Day, a great option is to buy a ready mass since nowadays there are excellent pasta for sale. You can also buy a handmade tomato sauce, but escape the box and canned in supermarket sauces session. For those who want to make the house sauce, taught one facílima recipe tomato sauce this link.

4. Meats – If your man loves a protein, already spent 3 recipes here on the blog that can be easily made. (the) Pork stuffed with plums – A tip is to seal the meat and leave before he got to put in the oven just before serving. (b) Braided Beef Fillet – Let the meat marinate in the herb pesto while you get dressed, and once he put in the oven. ((c)) Beef Bourguignon – This revenue is harder and takes longer, but the advantage is that you can prepare the day before and just warm before serving.

5. Dessert – The dessert varies greatly according to what your likes namorido. I know some men are not very sweet fans, and therefore a fruit salad can be a good option. For those who already have a more ant companion (my case), bet on an ice cream with hot chocolate sauce, condensed milk pudding, Cheesecake, the last two are great because you can do the day before, or even Brigadier spoon.

If anyone needs more ideas just send an email in which I'd love to help passagemgastronomica@gmail.com.

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