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Waterside Inn restaurant in London

05 June 2017 Restaurants, Travel Passagem Gastronomica - Restaurante Waterside Inn - Londres

The Waterside Inn is a fine dining restaurant in the town of Bray, about 30 minutes by train from Central London. Today the city is mostly famous because of Waterside Inn's neighbor – the restaurant The Fat Duck, from chef Heston Blumenthal. While not as popular internationally […]

Banana Cake with Peanut Butter Recipe

25 May 2017 Recipes Passagem Gastronômica - Bolo de Banana com Manteiga de Amendoim

I am always trying to prepare foods that have higher nutritional value and at the same time are delicious. Recently I travelled to Australia and there I bought a magazine called Donna Hay, which is focused on more nutritious and appetising recipes. In the magazine found this recipe for banana cake with butter […]

Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo

26 April 2017 Travel Passagem Gastronômica - Tsukiji Fish Market em Tokyo

The first time I visited Tokyo, one of my biggest regrets was not being able to visit the Tsukiji Fish Market. So, on this last trip I made it a point to organize our schedule so as to leave enough free time to go on this tour. The Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo is the largest fish market in the world and […]

Sticky Toffee Pudding recipe, from the book Pride and Pudding

30 March 2017 Recipes Passagem Gastronômica - Receita de Sticky Toffee Pudding

For me, nothing harmonizes with a recipe better than a story. It is very exciting to have a dish in your front of you and to hear from who prepared that dish the reason why that plate is important to him/her, the origin of that recipe and the relationship he/she has with what you're about to eat. […]

Cauliflower Paella Recipe

23 March 2017 Recipes Passagem Gastronômica - Receita de Paella de Couve-Flor

This cauliflower paella recipe is a healthy and tasty recipe that I decided to share here on the blog! What I love the most about this gastronomic revolution that we're living today is the amount of recipes that are available out there. On Tv, magazines, the Internet and especially in chats with friends. Everybody loves cooking and […]